Thursday, June 09, 2005

Time Wasters

defined by me as an activity which takes up a lot of time & doesn't always accomplish something concrete (and that's a good thing sometimes *g*) .. in no particular order ..

Top 10 Time Wasters of the Modern World
1. Surfing the internet
2. Blogging
3. Those automated phone answering things where you press a number to get connected to the appropriate person or department and instead end up lost in the automated system traveling in circles, hitting "0" for "Operator" and being told it was an invalid selection
4. Traffic jams
5. Video games
6. Television
7. Sales calls
8. Waiting rooms at a doctor's office
9. The local bar/pub
10. Daydreaming

Notice I defined it as not always a bad thing. Sometimes you need to participate in a time wasting activity in order to relax and de-stress. Some time wasters actually do accomplish things (though the results aren't always concrete & visible to others). Other time wasters just eat up at precious moments and annoy me, er, people in general.

writing prompt from Day Dreaming On Paper

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