Saturday, October 22, 2005

Alchera Project: Beautiful Things

List/Option No. Four: It was hard to keep the lists reasonable in length, so I narrowed them down to no more than 10 (leaving off similar items, etc.) & listed them in no particular order.

Beautiful Places
1. New Zealand
2. Hawaii
3. White Mountains, New Hampshire
4. the mansions in Newport, RI
5. Cape Cod, MA
6. Shelburne Farms, Vermont
7. Europe
8. Japan
9. anywhere with a castle

Beautiful Castles
1. Neuschwanstein, Bavaria
2. Chambord Castle, France
3. Leeds Castle, UK
4. Chenonceau aka Chateau de Femmes, France
5. Linderhof Castle, Germany
6. Chaumont, France
7. Peles Castle
8. Versailles, France (technically a palace, I guess)
9. Taj Mahal (also technically a palace)

Beautiful Boston
1. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
2. Public Garden
3. Christian Science Center
4. Boston Common
5. the Waterfront/HarborWalk
6. Beacon Hill

Beautiful Languages
1. French
2. Gaelic
3. English
4. Italian
5. Welsh

Beautiful Sounds
1. child’s laughter
2. birds chirping on a sunny spring morning
3. crickets on a quiet summer night
4. tap-dancing feet (including Flamenco or other tap-styled dance)
5. the words “I Love You”

Beautiful Songs
1. Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”
2. Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession”
3. Enya’s “Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)”
4. Isaac Albeniz’ “Asturias”
5. Sting’s “Fragile”
6. Ave Maria
7. Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
8. Israel K.’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World”
9. Silent Night
10. Dido’s “Here With Me”

Beautiful Dances
1. Flamenco
2. Waltz
3. Tango
4. Tap Dance
5. any freestyle dance performed by a young child who was moved to dance by the music playing

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