Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"What is the use of a book", thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations"?

For all the bibliophiles, Lewis Carroll's original handwritten manuscript Alice's Adventures Underground is now available online (as a Flash document) in the British Library's Turning the Pages collection of books. They've got quite an impressive collection of other works as well.

(cross-posted at my Live Journal .. last month *g* .. how could I have forgotten to post this here? .. *sigh*)

I often toy with the idea of joining something like the Lewis Carroll Society or the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Many of my friends love Alice as much as I do, but it'd be cool to be a part of one of the above societies. I think I'd learn so much more through them. ;-)

That reminds me! Was anyone else aware that the Libary of Congress has The Lewis Carroll Scrapbook?

Lastly, I stumbled upon The Invisible Library today. That is such a cool concept. Either that or I'm just easily amused. ;p

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