Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Remains Undone

When I got home Saturday after work, I'd planned to do the following:
1. have fun making keychains and ornaments
2. put some things up for sale on ebay
3. upload some things to etsy
4. revise and edit 2008 nanonovel (1st chapter)
5. work on Lesson 15 in Holly Lisle's HTTS course (one of the skipped lessons)
6. work on preplotting for a possible 2009 nanonovel (which I might just start on now & not wait until November)
7. come up with another 2009 nanonovel idea (assuming I start in on #6 above - which I really want to)
8. sift through some more clothes to add to the ever growing Goodwill bag
9. call Discover and let them know that I received my new card
10. call Verizon and finally get my sister's phone taken off my account
11. review supplies & see what needs to be reordered
12. finish a book I started in March
13. laundry
14. answer emails
15. write my Dad
and somewhere in there shopping with my mom because I promised

Instead this weekend I've
1. done my laundry
2. talked with sis
3. played with Bean
4. watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie with Bean
5. gone shopping with my mom

I'm going through emails, dumping many. I've yet to answer some. I'll write my Dad next then return to writing things. At least some of the items off the list can be checked off.

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