Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Autumn Day

I just got back from a too short walk.

It's days like today that really make me miss my friend M.M. (now living in Austin, TX!) It's a gorgeous fall day out. The sun is shining. It's on the edge of warm and cool. The air is crisp. There are flowers everywhere and colorful leaves on the trees and crunching on the sidewalk. This is the kind of day where she would call me in the morning and ask if I wanted to go in town with her. Most days we barely had $5 between us, but we always had enough to get us into Boston and back again, and somehow we always managed to feed ourselves snacks or lunch, too. We would walk for hours, just walk, all over the place. It was always a bit of an adventure, never boring, and on days like this I really didn't want to stop walking. Walk, snack, explore, walk some more. On days like this I wish she were around so I could call her and ask if she'd like to go in town. These days no one wants to just *walk* with me anymore. Walk with no real purpose, for hours, in the beautiful weather, and randomly stop at some tiny little sub shop or cafe or street vendor to get a snack.

I've got to get over my fear of flying and get myself out to Austin to see her. Maybe I could take a train. If it weren't so far, I go outside right now and just start walking there ..

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