Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Rainy Saturday

Thursday it was sunny and in the 70s. Yesterday, sunny but cooler (50s - 60s), and today, warmer than yesterday but rainy and gray. All I want to do is hibernate right now.

No Boston Book Festival or NaNoBoston Meet & Greet for me this weekend. There is so much to do this weekend that I really shouldn't be treating myself until I do it.

On the fun side ..
I'm plotting out my nanonovel for this year and need to work out some more "candy bar scenes". This year I'm working on a story I started over two years ago. I stalled during NaNoWriMo on this story before. Poor pre-planning, a lot of procrastination and the fact that my main characters' names were undecided were all part of the problem. I'm tackling the pre-plan/pre-plot right now and have figured out, from last year's "win," how to manage my procrastinating tendacies (for this one month anyway). Now it's the character names I need to tackle next. I've always believed naming to be important, especially in stories, and I've chosen a few names that have meaning to me and to the story for the characters, but I need now to make a decision. Sometimes there is only one possible name for a character, and other times, like in this particular case, there are many suitable choices.

In other news L. will be shooting her first music video, for a local musician, in three weeks. Very exciting although I don't think it'll meet my personal defintion of a music video so I'm glad I'm not the one doing it. The musician wants to shoot six videos at once. At first, he wanted to do one, then four, now six, and unfortunately, she didn't say NO. So now they'll be shooting six at night in some studio, and I'm afraid (as is she) that all six will look eerily similar, if not exactly the same. Basically it sounds like he wants professional recordings of his performance of certain songs. I suppose that would technically be a music video since many music videos are simply the musicians performing their songs, but when I hear "music video," I think "storytelling." The music video is a wonderful way to visually relate to your audience and tell the story of your song. Aren't songs simply sung stories? The singer is sharing a story, evoking certain emotions or moods and sometimes very particular images and associations. The video is a way to expand on that. At least, that's what I think. But hey, what do I know? Plus, L. has to keep the musician happy, and if he's happy with six videos of him performing six songs on stage and nothing more than that (except for varying camera angles and transitions), then it's all good. Maybe he wants it to play as a music video of a concert. Still ..

Regardless, I've been sending her clips of simple but effective music videos (in my opinion anyway) to give her ideas of angles, lighting and ways to make each video hopefully interesting and unique. She's been sending me some as well. In the end it'll be great experience for her and will look good on her resume.

And I'm hoping I'll actually get some reading done, in addition to writing. I can't believe I haven't read a brand new novel from beginning to end (or anything brand new from beginning to end) at all this year! Gone are the days of two to three new books every week. Geesh.

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