Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Interlopers" Audiobook and Paperback (signed by Ben Browder)

There are only three days left to place your bid in the special Farscape Webmasters Association auction.

From the website:

You may remember that Ben Browder did the reading on the Buzzy Multimedia
audio book of Alan Dean Foster's novel, Interlopers. Ben signed an audiobook
set for the Farscape Webmaster's Association to auction off as a fundraiser,
and to our surprise and delight, he included the paperback copy of the novel
which he read in preparation for doing the audiobook! Both items are signed by
Ben, and the book has a great note on the title page. The books are now up
on eBay in an auction that ends Feb-11-06 10:17:26 PST.

All proceeds of this auction go to the Farscape Webmaster's Association's "To
Be Continued...." Fund to support fan efforts to promote Farscape, including
fan tables at conventions this coming con season!
Check it out:


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