Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Traveling the Silk Road

While surfing the net last night, I found a wonderful site called Riversleigh Manor. It's a collaboration of websites and blogs meant to inspire, and inspire they do. I really enjoyed looking at 2005 The Silk Road Advent Calendar; each numbered day is a link to a "map" of the silk road with creative projects, writings and a little bit of history.

Mentioned (and pictured) often were altered books. They looked really cool, and so I searched online for more on altered books. It turns out there's a whole society of Altered Book Artists, The International Society of Altered Book Artists (ISABA). There's a wonderful site showing how to make mini altered books. More on altered books can be found here. I want to make one now! :)

A sampling other sites connected to the ones above:
Soul Food Cafe
Cave of Enchantress
Hermitage Publications
Nina's Treehouse
Riversleigh and The Lemurian Faraway Tree

Have fun exploring!

*(I added the labyrinth pic to emphasize the way I see these sites interconnecting. The way they link up makes surfing through the sites an artistic journey of sorts. Too cool)

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