Saturday, July 03, 2004

Assorted July 3 Musings + Photo Friday Answer

Blogging in Klingon?

hm, I wonder if I can find one in Sebacean .. or Elvish. *g*


Photo Friday .. Well, I've decided to accept the Photo Friday challenge, Father. Click here to see my photo. Comments are welcome.


Also, I spent the afternoon visiting at my sister's new home. We weren't charged on the way there (but we were on the way back). Their house is cute, a great little starter home, and the baby seems to love it there. :)

One of the best things .. They have raspberries! and blackberries! and (soon) strawberries!

The raspberries haven't been cared for properly. They're just small berries right now but will hopefully get bigger & juicier with sunlight and water and a little love.

There's also a tiny little shed in their yard .. a blue shed .. near the raspberry vines.

'Tis very blue. :P


Finally, I ran into L. on our way back. Poor thing was stressing over the usual, but this time it involved a movie with R. & phone calls from Ms.C. Somehow it carried over into phone calls made to both my home and to my uncle's home. I appreciated neither. In fact, it annoyed me to no end, but c'est la vie. L. has to deal with it.


M. is mountain climbing. She would say hiking, but really it's mountain climbing. Tomorrow is the parade and the cookout on the common. Monday I have off! :D

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