Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mind Hump

I thought I'd participate in today's Mind Hump and post it here. Well, I like the questions posted for July 14, so I've decided to answer those. =)

1. An artist paints your portrait while you are engaging in one of your favorite activities...what would you be doing? What would the title of the portrait be?

If the portrait was painted recently, it would be of me at my laptop, tip-tap typing away. *g* As to the portrait's title .. Modern Woman or A Scaper and Her Mac .. (hee!)

2. You come in a bottle and you have magical properties, what are you? Examples: genie, pancake syrup, etc... What would be on your instruction label?

I am a genie .. in a little pink bikini. (I couldn't resist.)
My label would read: Twirl and dip. For best results, do not shake nor rub the wrong way. Keep away from excessive heat; temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit might melt the genie. If below 50 degrees, please wrap the bottle in a warm, fuzzy blanket to prevent freezing. Keep out of reach of whiners, complainers, heavy drinkers, smokers and dentists. Keep bottle in a safe area surrounded by flowers, books, music, and sweet smelling objects .. like chocolate or strawberries. Do not tip upside down. And whatever you do, please refrain from yelling at or nagging at the genie in the bottle or asking her to micro manage your life, especially your finances, or her magical properties will cease to work for you and you'll run the risk of being turned into something disgustingly lumpy. In the case of accidental misuse, promptly insert assorted blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and one plump, juicy, red strawberry, then place bottle gently on a nice, comfy chair and let sit for awhile.

3. You've just been selected as a poster child for a make-believe organization. What is the organization and why have they specifically chosen you?

Overworked and Underappreciated Women in America
.. you have to ask why? :P

4. "You can fly, you can fly, you can fly"! ...and you are NOT Peter Pan! Who or what are you?

I'm a little fairy. *g*

5. If you had a vanity horn on your vehicle (one which plays a song) what song would your horn blow to announce your arrival?

Tra La La (One Banana, Two Banana) aka The Banana Splits Song
.. or
Sesame Street theme song
.. or
The Monkees theme song
.. or
Daydream Believer

(dramatic pause).. That was fun. :P

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