Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Somewhere Over the Weekend

Well, my weekend went well for the most part. Much of it failed to happen as planned, but some plans still came together, and things were good.

Saturday I worked as usual, and although it was a tightly booked morning, things went smoothly. Rain was on tap for the morning, so I opted out of berry picking with K. in the afternoon. Yes, I could've still gone, but I didn't want to pick berries in the mud or on wet soil. So instead I went downtown with the family and ended up buying a new shirt and two new pairs of pants which fit me better than most of my pants .. though I think I'll still need a belt. lol

L. picked me up later in the afternoon, and we headed over to Digger's for a Farscape Viewing Party. :) Most of the usual gang was there, along with a table full of treats. Jo brought me a little gift from her adventure in Canada, and we watched most of 4.5, including video from the wrap "party" in 2002 where David Kemper read the TV Guide article by Matt Roush and the Save Farscape (I Am Farscape) TV commercials. In fact, there were interviews with some of the SFS people and interviews with the cast regarding how they found out about the cancellation & their thoughts on the fan campaign. It was a beautiful gesture on their part, to let us in on their thoughts and memories like that. It was nice to hear also that they understood how much we appreciated all their hard work, dedication, and generosity through the years, and that they realized we understood how the show meant family to them and that it wasn't just like any other set to them, that their energy made it special not just for the fans but for those who were there behind the scenes and in front of the cameras every day.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that the miniseries airs in October? *vbg*

That night, L. stayed over. I made popcorn, and we watched episodes of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir until I fell asleep. :P

On Sunday I had a late start. I vegged for longer than usual and watched the DVD we rented - What Dreams May Come. Beautiful movie! As my sister said, each scene was like a painting, and the story worked on several levels. (well done & highly recommended) Then after getting dressed, I caught a late train into Cambridge & headed over to the Central Square World's Fair. I had a great time walking up and down Mass. Ave. and along the side streets, listening to the different styles of music and stopping now and then at the Dance Stage. Local area shops and restaurants sold their wares - jewelry, dresses, etc. There was a variety of food available, too - barbecue, Brazilian, Indian, ice cream, fruit salad, fried dough, chicken, etc.

Vendor in front of The Phoenix Landing (restaurant), 25 July 2004

I got to see the band Rubyhorse perform. I'd never heard of them before, but I liked their sound. They were really good and mentioned an upcoming performance on August 12 at the Hatch Shell which I think I'll make every effort to get to. ;-)

They even played a song for us that they'd recorded for the new Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. Unfortunately, I forget the name of the song. *g* It was about growing up, and the lead singer invited a woman (and her bubble gun) from the audience to join them onstage. There's a picture of her below .. sort of fit the song's theme, I guess. *bg*

Bubble girl on stage, 25 July 2004

A cropped shot of one of the guitar players is here .. a submission for the Wednesday Snap challenge.

I never made it to see Glen perform (in The Slackers) Sunday night either as originally planned. They wouldn't be going on until 10:30pm, and I just wasn't up to hanging around. At about 8:15pm, I decided to catch the next train home, especially since I had limited cash funds on me at the time and couldn't be certain I'd catch the last train out of town Sunday night if I'd stayed to see the show. *sigh* Some day I'll see a live performance. Hopefully I can make it the next time they play at the Middle East.

Middle East Restaurant and Club, 25 July 2004

If you're interested, my Baker's Dozen for the weekend (also a cropped photo) is here.

For more photos from the Fair, please visit my photoblog, "A Thousand Words" (as in .. a picture is worth .. *g* .. yes, I know, not very original). :P

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