Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wireless World

I'm completely wireless now. Finally got myself a cell phone with a coolio little ring tone. The wireless router is working, and the airport card is operational. :D

*savors the wireless wonders*

I've discovered, after my little intro. class, that I would need much instruction if I ever chose to pursue Voice Over. I swear the class was fun. Really .. it was. Of course, you'd never have known I felt that way if you'd seen or heard me do my little reading. Laura swears she thought I was going to pass out in the sound booth. lol

Anyway ...

Escapade was successful! The feedback has been extremely positive and everyone has stated repeatedly that they had a blast and are now in Scaper withdrawal. Despite the debt looming over my head (first year is always in the red), I am pleased. More than pleased .. I am considering stepping up to the challenge next year as well. Any of my cohorts wish to join me? *g*

(reminder to self: upload some of the photos I took! :P)

Now, the focus must be on FAROPS and WorldCon. (I promise both a con report and a WorldCon plan of attack are forthcoming!) Well, that and Shades of Gray. I survived con organizing duties. Somehow this gives me confidence that I will be useful on S.G. (no, not StarGate! *g*) and not as a P.A. either. Nope, once I recover some more from Escapade, I will be deep in preproduction research, etc. Hmm .. anyone out there have suggestions for me? I'm especially interested in fundraising ideas .. and fundraising experience(s). Any and all help, no matter how minor, is appreciated. Yes, I may have thought of it already, but there's no harm in reinforcing in my weary mind the avenues available for us. So, yeah, shout out. I'm listening. ;-)

Lastly, I *wish* I had the money right now to go to Comic Con. Sounds like a good time. *sniff* Same for Burbank in the fall. Though, actually, even if I *did* have the cash flow, I probably wouldn't be going anyway .. since both trips require flying. *sigh* Suggestions for traveling quickly, safely, and cheaply across country? lol

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