Friday, July 02, 2004


Found some fascinating memes (some banners/badges have been added to my sidebar) .. many of which I'd like to particpate in. Writing excercises are always sought out.

One Word presents you with a quickie challenge. You have 60 seconds to write (whatever you want) on the one word presented to you. The results are sometimes very interesting; it's harder than it sounds.

Weekly DV assigns themes which you use to record a DV short, then submit. This is a very cool idea.

The Writer's Digest offers daily writing "prompts" .. little assignments to get your creative juices flowing.

Daydreaming on Paper provides "random inspirations" for writing.

The Memes List offers a collection of the memes out there on the web.

Q&A: The Photographic Interview is a fascinating concept, and one I'd like to try soon.

The Thursday Threesome is another meme.

Theater Thursday is a new meme of three to four questions related to the movies.

Then there's 3 for Thursday

A one time meme, copy the list of the Top 100 Movies and paste into your blog or journal, highlighting the ones that you have seen.

Lost (and Found) Memes: Birthmonth ..

.. and fairly new (I think) .. Bout Rames ...

And finally, Baker's Dozen .. 12 thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend .. sounds like a cool idea.

Oh, I could go on (lol!), but I won't. Instead I'll end with a little quiz result ..

And the results of one of the blogging personality test thingies: My Bloginality is ISTJ!!!

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