Saturday, July 10, 2004

Saturday Blog Maze

So, I decided to participate in another meme this morning. Yes, I should be working. I know that already. I'm here at the office .. isn't that enough?

Yesterday's memes are on my LJ. My answers to Friday's Feast are here and to the Friday Q, here.

Today, I'm tackling the Saturday Blog Maze meme.

Results are as follows:
1. A Typical Female: I love the design of this site and the fact that she is a science fiction fan, or at least a SG-1 fan .. which means she saw the Farscape teaser during the premiere! Also, she has beautiful pictures posted throughout.
2. Woulda Coulda Shoulda: This blog background is crumpled paper which almost gives you the sense that you found a wadded up piece, unraveled it and found all the entries to the blog jotted down right there. 'Tis cool. There are also fun links, and the blogger has a good sense of humor.
3. Paper Napkin: I love the name of this blog (reminds me of the crumbled paper idea above). The photo album is very cool.
4. Blue Poppy: A simple design and a very pretty poppy illustration are the eye pleasing features of this site. I clicked on it because of the name.
5. Super Hero Designs .. which led me to Superhero Journal: Colorful and positive feeling, this journal has *great* Photo Friday pictures!
6. Everyday Matters: The illustrations in the entries and an ink spattered title made me smile. :)

so, that's my Blog Maze!

And urelated to memes, this warm, fuzzy feeling has been brought to you by Revolos55. :D

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