Thursday, July 24, 2003

Aficianado Girl post

I'm not just a fan but a Farscape afianado! (hee hee)

Tiriel's adventures as Harvey

Kerlin's Comic Con tales


totally non-fan girl links below:

Irregular Orbit: ookworld's wobbly satellite points you to some interesting blogs and has a multitude of fun little links to follow!

summer time means ice cream!
Ben & Jerry's
Turkey Hill ice cream recipes
History of Ice Cream

I didn't know there was a list of the top 100 historic sites in Norwood. Live and learn!

and for good measure, since my sis is trying out the Boston-NYC Chinatown bus service ($10) today -- Chinatown Bus Lines!

Okay, now I really have to get back to work so I can be home in time for a very important phone call. *g*

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