Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I should be working

I should be working, but it's after hours, and I just can't concentrate. I must've completely taken down wrong the names and phone number of two people coming in tomorrow for appointments. They said they *thought* they were here before but couldn't remember. We could'nt find their records, so Laura called and left a message. I called later and reached someone and was told (rather politely, too) that I had the wrong number, and yes, that was the number you dialed, but no, I think that's the name of the family who lives a few houses down from us -- sorry, I don't have their number! So I called information. No one with that name in the area, even with an unlisted number per 411. Oh, there's a similar name (not close enough) a few towns away. Hmm ... well, since it doesn't make sense that someone would make an appointment under an assumed name (I even had the woman spell it out!) and give the wrong contact number on purpose, I must've taken the info. down wrong. *sigh* This means we're in for one hezmana of a morning. Upset patients + upset boss + upset staff = bad day for me! Oh well, did it to myself, didn't I?

... Still thinking about Katharine Hepburn ... Have all the classics actresses and actors passed away? *sniff* I decided to do a search on her name and found this beautiful fan site, Katharine Hepburn: Woman of the year, which has a wealth of information! This other site here has a great links page for more Katharine Hepburn sites.

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