Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Ask Matt

No, Snoopy, not your Matt, but TV Guide's Matt Roush. He did it again, on the second page of "Ask Matt":

Question: There have been a slew of fantasy/science-fiction shows over the years (Hercules, Xena, Andromeda, Stargate, and The Lost World) in syndication. However, the networks (with the exception of WB and UPN) just don't produce these sorts of series. Why not? — Lee C.

Matt: Don't forget Fox, which has tried for years to find the next X-Files, and most recently went into outer space with Firefly, however briefly. The networks don't seem to have the patience anymore to nurture or bankroll these kinds of shows. Blame a lack of nerve and imagination. Many of these shows take time to build a following, and even then, most attain cult level at best. (X-Files was the exception with its mainstream success.) But when one really works, like Buffy, look what that does for a network's image. You'd think if some of these dinosaur networks truly wanted to get into the 21st century, they'd take a risk with a visionary producer (calling the next Gene Roddenberry) and stick with it, especially if the show is good. Now all of a sudden I find myself missing Farscape again.

Yay, Matt!

On another note, our Matt was hit by a parked car the other week but is okay. Yes, you read it correctly. I didn't think such a thing was possible either, but it is. I want to laugh when I say it because it sounds so absurd, but in reality it's not funny. Of course, that doesn't stop me from telling people. :p

Oh, I was going to rant a bit about Matchmakers, not the site, just people in general who always want to hook me up with their nephew or cousin or neighbor (yet, not knowing anything about me, the Matchmakers feel these people are "perfect" for me). I cringe when I hear that the person is "perfect"; no one is. And "perfect" for me? How can they know what is "perfect" for me? Especially if they answer that the person never smiles or is quiet or has a nice job. Uh huh, yeah ... "perfect" ... but instead of doing a big ol' rant because it doesn't necessarily bother me that much, I will share some news. I have a Live Journal now, too! (Thanks to Katya) Of course, there's nothing there yet, but I'll keep you updated. ;)

... oh, almost forgot, Happy Fourth of July! (early)

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