Friday, July 25, 2003

Day Off

The plan was to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum but once we arrived at the Boston Common, my mom decided she'd rather take a ride on the Swan Boats. So we headed over to the Public Garden, bought a bag of peanuts in the shell for $1.00 and took a nice ride on the swan boats for $2.50 (good deals all around!).

Afterwards we walked past the Tadpole playground in the Common and then the State House. We took a round about route through Bowdoin Street to reach City Hall Plaza and continue past Boston City Hall to Faneuil Hall marketplace. There we were greeted with the acrobatic antics of Daredevil Chicken. They were hilarious! and very talented! :)

I saw some cool Kangol bucket hats for sale and almost bought one, but all they had was black and pink. Why couldn't they have blue or white or green? :(

We entertained some children by feeding french fries and peanuts to the seagulls. They seemed to prefer the french fries. lol

On our way back to South Station we passed by the Brigantine Formidable and picked up a schedule. Click here for online information. Not far away was docked the tall ship Jeanie Johnston, an Irish barque. You can find an online schedule at the Jeanie Johnston's official website.

Finally, to end our adventure, a nice, cold dish of Mint Patty ice cream from Ice Jack! (yum!)

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