Sunday, July 20, 2003

Another Icon!

Lookie here at what I found as I was perusing the LJs! I have another beautiful SACoC icon courtesy of the icon goddess kernezelda.

Removing the vest

(tee hee)

I found this on the Save Farscape site. It's a message from Heather Henson, a member of the Henson family to the fans of Farscape. *cheers*

Also at Save Farscape there are more links to pics from Comic Con., including a reort from our very own kerlin. *yay, Amanda!

Yes, this has been a total fan girl post, but many of my posts are like that. Farscape fandom is now a part of my life. :p


Okay, we're a bit teary-eyed from "Love Affair" and are now going to watch "An Affair to Remember" (for comparison). We are a glutton for punishment. *sniff*

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