Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Random poetry?

LJ Random poetry is goin' around ... unfortunately, I can't create any because I don't have a paid account (free LJ for me!), but it's a cool concept. It creates a poem out of random content in your live journal. If you have a paid live journal account and want to check it out, you can type in your username at Patrick's LJ!

Or just use the form below! (found on his lj) Enter your livejournal username and click "Go"!


I had an invitation for going out to dinner with my family, but I'm still at work, so no dinner for me! *sniff*

There's more I wanted to post, but I'm trying to get out of work soon, so I can go work on my drabble.

*sending happy thoughts to Amanda (lucky girl) at Comic Con while she interviews the guests! you'll be awesome!*

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