Thursday, July 17, 2003

Drabble Goodness

Well, my SACoC drabble is now complete, for better or worse. Comments are welcome.

Ooh, last night we watched some of The Duel, from the same people who did Storm Riders. You can read a review of The Duel here.

And finally,

Some links to share:

Erica & Jessica's 1999 Cruise to Bermuda: no, I don't know them, but their site brings back memories from my first cruise *g*
In Memory of a Scaper: Alex Stansky
IGN FilmForce article: is it Rumor or is there some truth to the article?
Troy and Nora Fan Fiction: noralaura's latest installment in the Troy/Nora fan fiction series
My Pet Skeleton: I still love to visit this site after all this time!
Wacked USA: a puzzle site from the creator of
Johnny Clegg Dot Com: official website for singer Johnny Clegg
Ashley MacIsaac: official website for the Cape Breton singer

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