Monday, July 14, 2003

Não quero trabalhar

I'm still curious as to what "le moing" is in French. "L'habit ne fait pas le moing." Could it be slang for perfect? Practice doesn't make perfect? oh, I dunno, doesn't matter.

I wanted to post something up beat about how much fun I had Saturday at the Farscape Viewing Party, but my mind is in a fog, so I'll do that later.

So instead, a link to the SACoC Meeting hosted at fbf's journal where you can read all sorts of fine drabble and enjoy. Be forewarned, the fics are *not* G-rated and involve JC in various states of leather. *g* (also, I was often reminded of the DMB while reading many of the drabbles *beg*)

'Scapers, enjoy.

and to my non-Scaper friends, what are you waiting for?

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