Friday, July 18, 2003

Bloggers Anonymous

Blogging is addictive. It really is. I didn't understand how much until I gave it a try. Amanda had warned me, but I hadn't taken her seriously. In fact, I was told about this months ago by Micky, but like many people, I said, "Blog? What's a blog? Oh, that's nice," and never fully realized how nice it is.

Someone I know checked out a site of mine awhile back (just a personal site, not a blog or anything fancy) and told me it was cute. She "likes fan sites." That statement made me pause. Fan site? Well, I suppose I'm a fan of myself ... Another friend checked out my blog recently & replied with "I don't get it. Isn't it just a website?" This led me to explain that a blog is an online web log, etc. Later another friend admitted she hadn't checked my blog out yet because she thought it might be too personal, as if she were reading my diary, and wasn't sure how I'd feel about that.

... well, anyway, ... almost everyone has a blog these days, and it's a great way to stay connected or share your point of view (etc.)

As an example, check out The Homeless Guy. I found the link over at Pro Blog (which is a blog about, well, blogs). There's also blog maps for certain areas, like New York City or London or Washington, D.C. Hey! There's even Bananas Foster which posts recipes to their blog. Oh! and a list of Boston Blogs and more is out there on the net as well.


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