Saturday, July 12, 2003


Still no Drabble in Progress though I read many a fic online at Leviathan for inspiration.

Friday night, watched Cutthroat Island with Geena Davis and Matthew Modine. Such great names the characters have ... Mordecai Adams, Morgan Adams, Mr. Shaw, King Charles (the monkey). "Bad Dog." It's a really fun pirate movie full of humor, adventure, swordplay, a kick eema heroine & her damsel (Mr. Shaw) in distress. (hee hee)

Previous to Cutthroat we watched the 1960s version of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. It is a *far* better movie, imo, than the recent remake, despite the fact that the Eloi are all, um, well, so "blonde" (literally). Why is it that the special effects of this version seem to outshine the CGI effects of the remake? I had more fun watching our hero travel through time in his machine this time around.

While on the topic of movies, I'd like to recommend the Chinese film Hero, a sophisticated tale, wuxia pian style, of love & intrigue (though not necessarily in that order). I especially enjoyed the way it was filmed, the choices made in the filming, such as the use of color to tell the story. Maybe I can rewatch it next weekend now that we have it on DVD.


On the genealogy forefront, a Bermuda journalist contacted me because of a post regarding the shipwreck of the packet Mathilde. Turns out he has access to some papers from 1943 and has offered help in researching the shipwreck if I can get him a more specific date! Progress comes to those who are patient. *bg*

On the home front, Daddio's having a grand old time with his new DVD recorder/burner. I've been asked to request some movies from him. What to choose? Ah, decisions ... *g* Grandma's still in rehab ... frelling incompetence by those frelniks at the hospital .. for over two months this has been going on, paying for the doctors' mistakes *grumble*. Little Olivia West is settling in by all accounts. Sherbert's applying herself to her studies. Tracy's okay, and Matt's eye is okay, and I have to remember to visit little Angel soon. *g* Let's see ... Gno's business seems to be booming. Glen's on the road. Josephine's getting ready to move. Silvie's in the midst of wedding plans (no folclorico for me, per Silvie). Linh's got AC in her coolio apartment. Haven't heard from D in awhile, so I don't know what she's been up to. Sheila is ... where is Sheila? Wonder how Jeefa and Missy are doing, especially in this heat.

*sigh* hardly get to see anyone anymore -- never enough time in the day

ah, but tonight is the Farcape Viewing Party, so that should be fun (though no ice cream for me this time).


conversations from my looking glass world

Naturally, I overslept this morning and woke up a half hour before the first patient was scheduled .. and took the shortest shower in history .. and ran to work .. to find out that Laura had opened the office for me & was already there. lol

"I'm alive, and you're alive, and we're alive together."
-- Mr. Shaw to Morgan, Cutthroat Island

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